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Daeboreum is i a Korean holiday that celebrates  the day of the  first  full moon  of  the lunar year.

  Korean’s One familiar custom is to crack nuts with one’s teeth. It is believed that this practice will help keep one’s teeth healthy for the year.


 Historically, people played the traditional game named geuybulnori  at the night before daeboreum. They burned the dry grass on ridges between rice fields while children whirled around cans full of holes, through which charcoal fire blazed. These cans fertilized the fields and got rid of harmful worms that destroyed the new crops.


 For breakfast on Daeboreum,  a five-“grain” rice consisting of rice, millet, Indian millet, beans, and red beans is served. This is eaten with various dried herbs. One of the special foods of Daeboreum is Yaksik. This treat is kind of  seasoned  rice made of glutinous rice, chestnuts, pinenuts, honey, sauce, and sesame oil.


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