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Riverside park

Posted on: February 11, 2010

photo by Jodi Cobb


7 Responses to "Riverside park"

I love the pictures, I’ve never seen anything like it 🙂

It’s really beautiful.

beautiful I am still homesick about wonderfull Korea…….

Wow I love the pictures. That’s SEOUL XD

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing,and so beautiful,i love the pictures.I hope someday,i could come back to korea and visit the place. I love korean,they are very friendly,and very accomodating. Thanks a lot for sending me those pictures.I am not wondering anymore the environment ,why there are lot of foreigners coming to korea because of itsw onderful nature and safety .

I will be in Korea on June 2-4, 2010, any city tour recommend? please advise, where can i book city tour. Thank you.


It would be nice to take a Seoul city tore bus.

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