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How to use the subway – Seoul Metro

Posted on: February 7, 2010

This time, I’m gonna introduce Seoul Metro to you. Since 1974, Subway has become great transpotation in Seoul. There are 9 subway lines in Seoul. Not only Seoul, but also Pusan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon have Subway lines.

1~9 lines

Every substation has an elevator, escalator, automatic ticket machine. Almost all Seoulite have transportation card(T-money)  . Transportation card  is so convenient. You don’t have to worry about that you don’t have it. There is also a disposable card. Here’s some tips.

Ticket Purchase

Please buy your ticket to use the train. Standard tickets can be purchased at either ATVM or the ticket office. Your fares could vary depending on your destination station so please check it carefully on the fare table. Prepaid transit cards are the recharge type allowing passengers to use them until the balance on the card is exhausted, and add values afterwards. For more detailed information on the sale of tickets please refer to the section on Guide to Train Ticket section.

Entering & Exiting the Gate

Please make sure that you know the direction to your destination before you get off the train and pass through the turnstile in the right direction. You put the standard tickets or magnetic tickets with a magnetic stripe on the back sides into the card slot on the gate while card type tickets are put up on the sensor. As tickets will come out of the slot after you inserted them into the entry gate please make sure you take it with you until you get off the train.

Getting on the Subway

When the vehicle is pulling up to the station please take one step back and make sure your feet does not fall into the space between the platform and the vehicle. When the train door is about to close please keep from forcing yourself into the train and wait for the next train. Before riding on please make sure it moves in the direction of your destination station.


If you need to transfer to another subway line to get to your arrival station please check the transfer station on the subway map and transfer into the right transfer station. You can easily get to the platform for the transfer station by following the signs marked as “Transfer” and “Direction to Transfer”. You can make your transfer without passing through the turnstiles so you do not need to buy a separate ticket for transfer purposes.


When the train pulls in the destination station check the exit in the direction of your destination and walk through the turnstiles by reinserting the ticket into the card slot or putting the card up on the sensor. If it is a standard ticket it will not come out after you pass through the turnstiles at your destination station.


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